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Loan Providing NGOs in Pakistan

Loan Providing NGOs in Pakistan

Access to loan services in Pakistan continues to be a serious barrier for many people and communities, especially those living in marginalised areas. Various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have developed to address this problem, working continually to give financial support via loans.

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Loan Providing NGOs in Pakistan
Loan Providing NGOs in Pakistan

These non-governmental organisations (NGOs) not only allow loan access but also play an important role in empowering people and communities by boosting entrepreneurship, generating livelihood opportunities, and supporting economic growth.

In this article, we will look at the activities of loan providing NGOs in Pakistan and the influence they have on people’s lives.

Kashf Foundation

Kashf Foundation stands as one of the leading loan providing ngo in Pakistan, aiming to bridge the gap for women entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional banking systems. Through its diverse range of programs, including Kashf Karobar Karza, Kashf Murabaha Product, Kashf School Sarmaya, Kashf Easy Loan, and Kashf Maweshi Karza, the foundation has disbursed over 100 billion PKR.

This substantial amount has had a transformative impact on the lives of numerous women, empowering them to achieve financial independence and enhance their living standards.

Akhuwat Foundation

Akhuwat Foundation is another microfinance NGO in Pakistan that work on the principle of interest-free loans in Pakistan. The organization focuses on extending loans to peoples living below the poverty line, enabling them to establish small businesses or meet their basic needs.

Akhuwat Foundation has more than 8 loan products which include Family enterprise loan, Agriculture loan, Liberation Loan, Housing loan, Education loan, Health loan, Marriage loan, Emergency loan.

Naymet Trust

NAYMET is currently providing two Shariah-compliant Islamic loan programmes, namely Qarz-E-Hasna and Murabaha. With a total payment of 190 million PKR, these programmes have shown to be Shariah-compliant as well as practical, making a substantial difference in people’s lives.

Mojaz Foundation

Mojaz Foundation is another notable NGO dedicated to providing loans and financial support in Pakistan. The foundation offers four distinct loan programs.

Commerce Loan: The Commerce Loan program focuses on providing small-scale enterprises with the necessary financial support for trade, services, and manufacturing activities.

Livestock Loan: The Livestock Loan program aims to support individuals involved in rearing, fattening, trading, and milking livestock.

Agriculture Loan: The Agriculture Loan program focuses on supporting farmers by providing funds for various agricultural activities.

MSP Shandar: The MSP Shandar program extends loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in both urban and rural areas.

Agahe Pakistan

Agahe Pakistan is an organization dedicated to providing interest-free loans to peoples and communities in need. They offer loans for various purposes, including Micro enterprise, Agriculture, Auto, Livestock, Solar, and Education.

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