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Best List of Asphalt Companies in Qatar

Asphalt Companies in Qatar

Are you Looking for Asphalt Companies in Qatar? It is not simple to find a good asphalt company but in the below list of companies you can find Asphalt in Qatar.

Qatar, a thriving nation in the Middle East, has seen a significant boom in construction and infrastructure projects, with asphalt work playing a crucial role. Asphalt companies in Qatar are pivotal in shaping the country’s landscape, contributing to its modernization and economic growth. In this blog, we’ll explore the top asphalt companies in Qatar, highlighting their key achievements and their roles in the asphalt industry.

The selection of these top companies is based on several criteria including innovation, revenue growth, customer reviews, and sustainability. These factors ensure that the companies listed are not only leaders in their field but also contribute positively to the industry and environment.

Importance in the Asphalt Industry These companies are more than just businesses; they are the backbone of Qatar’s infrastructure development. Their work ensures safe, durable, and high-quality roads, contributing significantly to the nation’s progress and connectivity.

Asphalt Companies 
in Qatar

List of Asphalt Companies in Qatar

BECON Trading & Contracting W.L.L

BECON Trading & Contracting excels in supplying steel products to Qatar’s Oil & Gas, Construction, and Infrastructure sectors. As a major regional stockist, we offer a diverse range of pipes, flanges, fittings, valves, and more in various material grades. Our global goal is to be a preferred supplier of bulk piping material, exceeding customer expectations through continuous development.

Specializing in Flow Management components, our one-stop solutions and tailored services effectively meet urgent and shutdown requirements. Collaborating with renowned global manufacturers, we are recognized as the preferred vendor for local and international Oil & Gas and Construction companies in Qatar.

Qatar Building Company (QBC)

A veteran in the field since 1971, QBC Production stands out for adhering to international standards in construction materials. Their role in Qatar’s major projects is commendable. With a rating of 4.4, they are located at Gate 278 Street 47, Doha. Website, Email: [email protected]


Since its establishment in 2016, A&A Construction has specialized in turn-key solutions in construction and engineering. With services ranging from civil works to road and bridge construction, they boast a 4.7 rating. Located at 205 St, Zone 56, Ain Khaled, they can be contacted at +974443 22 599 or via email at [email protected]. Website

Combined Group Contracting (CGC)

Established in 1965, CGC specializes in diverse sectors including residential, commercial, and oil and gas-related projects. With a rating of 3.9, they are based in the Gabbro Area, Qatar. Website, Contact: +974 5029 9580

Boom Construction Company (BCC)

A prominent player since 1994, BCC is known for its extensive portfolio and collaboration with global and local organizations. Specializing in turnkey contracts, they have been integral to major projects in Qatar. Located in Doha (P.O. Box 22145), they can be reached at +974 4426 0000 or via email at [email protected].

Al Darwish Engineering (ADE)

ADE, established in 1950, is recognized for its high-quality services in civil engineering. With diverse operations including an asphalt plant and pre-cast factory, ADE has been instrumental in various building, road, and infrastructure projects in Qatar. Located at Ring Road, Doha, they can be contacted at +974 4466 6405 or via email at [email protected].

Stay tuned to these companies for upcoming innovations and developments in the field of asphalt and construction. Their continuous evolution is not just shaping Qatar but paving the way for global industry standards. QBC is renowned for its commitment to international standards, while A&A Construction excels in providing comprehensive turn-key solutions. CGC’s diverse sector involvement sets it apart, whereas BCC’s expertise in large-scale projects is unmatched. ADE, with its long history and broad range of services, demonstrates a deep understanding of Qatar’s infrastructure needs.

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