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Best Garbage Chute Suppliers in Qatar

Garbage Chute Suppliers in Qatar

If you’re in the vibrant city of Doha, Qatar, and seeking efficient waste management solutions, look no further. Garbage chute suppliers play a crucial role in streamlining waste disposal, ensuring cleanliness, and contributing to a sustainable environment.

Let’s explore some of the leading garbage chute suppliers in Qatar that are making a significant impact.

Garbage Chute Suppliers in Qatar

Modern Cleaning and Trading Company

At the forefront of waste management solutions in Qatar is Modern Cleaning and Trading Company, commonly known as MCC Qatar. Located at ST. 467, Doha, MCC Qatar offers a wide array of garbage chute solutions that redefine cleanliness and efficiency. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every service they provide.

For hassle-free waste management, visit MCC Qatar or dial +974 4450 1394.


Z X Trading and Transport Services Co. W.L.L stands as a reliable name in the garbage chute industry. Situated on Street – 964, Doha, this company focuses on innovative and sustainable waste management solutions. Their dedication to providing top-notch products and services makes them a trustworthy choice.

Contact them at +974 4414 7325.

Globtech Trading & Contracting

Globtech Trading & Contracting, located in Al Mansoura Doha, 37650, is a key player in the garbage chute sector. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the diverse range of products and services they offer. Whether for residential or commercial needs, Globtech Trading & Contracting is a reliable partner for effective waste management.

Learn more about their services at Globtech Group or contact them at +974 4436 6886.


Specializing in sanitary ware, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, Highrise Trading & Contracting is a notable supplier in Qatar. Their location at Safwa Building, Doha, coupled with a focus on quality, positions them as a preferred choice for construction projects and waste management solutions.

Visit Highrise Qatar or call +974 4456 8945 for more information.

Spectrum Industries-Safety Products

Located in Al Muntazah, Doha, Spectrum Industries-Safety Products is dedicated to providing comprehensive safety solutions. Their range of products includes innovative garbage disposal solutions, contributing to a safer and cleaner environment.

Explore their safety products at Spectrum Gulf or contact them at +974 4469 0421.

IESCO – Industrial Equipment & Services

IESCO Qatar, based in Doha, is a leading player in industrial equipment and services. Their commitment to quality extends to their contributions to waste management solutions. IESCO stands out as a reliable partner for those seeking efficient garbage chute systems.

For industrial-grade solutions, visit IESCO Qatar or call +974 4442 8544.

Contra International Doha

Situated at Palm Towers B 55, Doha, Contra International Doha offers a diverse range of products related to waste management. Their commitment to quality and innovation positions them as a valuable supplier in the garbage chute sector.

Explore their offerings at Contra International or contact them at +974 4442 9459.

The Suppliers Trading & Services

If you’re in search of the best office and school stationery suppliers in Qatar, look no further than The Suppliers Trading & Services Co WLL. Based in Doha, they offer not only stationery but also reliable garbage disposal solutions.

For a wide range of supplies, visit The Suppliers Trading & Services Co or call +974 4414 7707.

Emerald Cleaning Services Qatar

For comprehensive cleaning services in Doha, Emerald Cleaning Services Qatar is a name you can trust. Their dedication to maintaining cleanliness extends to efficient waste management solutions, making them a reliable choice.

Explore their services at Emerald Qatar or contact them at +974 4435 2768.

Unitech Qatar for Building and Construction

Unitech Qatar, specializing in building and construction materials, is a key player in the industry. Their contribution to waste management, including efficient garbage chutes, makes them a valuable partner for construction projects in Doha.

For construction materials and waste management solutions, visit Unitech Qatar or call +974 4451 3301.


In a city as dynamic as Doha, effective waste management is crucial. The listed garbage chute suppliers are not just providers; they are partners in maintaining cleanliness and contributing to a sustainable environment. Choosing the right supplier ensures a seamless waste disposal system, benefiting both residential and commercial spaces.

Remember, the key to a cleaner and greener Doha lies in making informed choices about your waste management solutions.

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