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Auto Rickshaw Loan in Pakistan – Complete Guide

Auto Rickshaw Loan in Pakistan

Auto rickshaws serve an important role in providing accessible and cheap transportation for millions of people in Pakistan. These three-wheeled vehicles have become a popular mode of transportation in both urban and rural areas.

Realising their importance, banks and nonprofit organisations in Pakistan have provided auto rickshaw loan in Pakistan in order to empower young entrepreneurs and better their lives.

Auto Rickshaw Loan in Pakistan
Auto Rickshaw Loan in Pakistan

List of Banks and NGOs that provide auto rickshaw loan in Pakistan

ZTBL Transport (Three Wheeler Loader Rickshaw)

ZTBL (Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited) has launched a new scheme to help farmers transport their crops and fertilizers. The scheme is designed to help farmers save money.

Under the plan, eligible farmers, both new and old, may get loan, with priority given to those who are already in the farming sector.

The qualifying conditions include a clean SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) e-CIB report and an Obligor’s Risk Rating (ORR) of up to 4. A copy of the CNIC, a loan application, an Agri.Pass Book/Fard Jamabandi, and two current pictures are all required papers.

The maximum loan amount per borrower/person is Rs. 1.000 million. Person must invest 10% of the Loader Rickshaw’s cost as self-contribution/equity. According to the bank’s policy, collateral shall be physical assets held by the borrowers. The cost of credit will be determined by the bank’s guidelines, and the current rate of markup on development loans will be applied, with a 3% rebate on prompt repayment.

The loan will be sanctioned by the Central Loan Sanctioning Department (CLSD), and the money will be sent to the manufacturer/dealer through a pay order/demand draft. The Three Wheeler Loader Rickshaw will be registered jointly in the names of the bank and the person, and it will be fully insured by a “A” rated insurance firm. The loan payback duration is set for five years in half-yearly payments, with a six-month grace period. Apply

Edhi Foundation (Rikshaw “Rozgar” Scheme)

The scheme’s goal was to provide CNG auto rickshaws to people at a “no profit and no loss” basis. The project was motivated by the concerning rise in unemployment and the necessity to address the significant financial challenges that many families are experiencing. Source

Youth Business & Agriculture Loan Scheme

Under PMYB&ALS program you can get a 500,000 loan with 0% markup for e-bikes and e-rickshaws


this is an interest-free micro-loan program offered by this NGO. It enables individuals to purchase a rickshaw by getting a loan. Apply

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