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5 Best Australian Road Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Adventure

Many useful and best Australian road trip planner apps are available to provide travel information. You can make your journey enjoyable by using these apps and planning road trips. Effortlessly plan your roads across Australia to create a personalized travel experience by uncovering hidden gems, traffic jams, public toilets, and accommodation stops.

Many apps for traveling in Australia are available, but we have focused on road trips for your memorable journey here.

Australian Road Trip Planner Apps


Ori App Studio’s Roadie app is the perfect travel guide for camping and road-trippers looking for speed and simplicity. This clear-cut and simple route planner fits the thorough planner planning a journey. Using Roadie to arrange your schedule carefully, you may easily mark locations, routes, and national parks on a live map.

One of the app’s most notable features lets you save your favorite locations and add notes for later use. With its offline functionality, Roadie ensures you will get all the benefits when traveling. Its drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to change your travel plans. The app makes route backup and sharing easier by letting you export your routes.

Wikicamps AU

WikiCamps is the best camping traveling app for Australians. Its large database of over 50,000 listings makes your trip planning more accessible with tools like checklists, discovering new destinations, and finding places to stay. With increasing local camping adventures, WikiCamps is the go-to app for seamless trip planning. It has offline functionality, so you can stay connected even if you’re in a remote place.
Get information about caravan parks, hostels, day stops, information centers, and showers and toilets beforehand by downloading maps and content. In addition to keeping you informed, WikiCamps offers helpful packing tips and camping checklists.


Stippl is an easy-to-use travel planner app. Everyone will find it ideal to drag and drop your plans, share them with family and friends, and you’re done! This social travel app makes planning, organizing, and sharing your holiday experiences easy.

Stippl makes itinerary planning simple by recommending the best places to stay, travel routes, and projected travel times. To further customize your trip, find information created by other travelers.


The Roadtrippers app is your essential companion for an unforgettable Australian adventure. It redefines navigation and tour planning, taking your road trip to new heights.
The actual game-changer feature of this app is its offline maps, which ensure you’re never left stranded, even in remote parts of Australia. Roadtrippers act as virtual tour guides, suggesting beautiful locations along the way. Put an end to ordinary travel – make your road trip with Roadtrippers, making every trip an unforgettable experience.

Wanderlog – Trip Planner App

The Wanderlog app, a free app that does well at trip planning, particularly for road trips, is the ultimate travel companion. This iOS and Android-friendly app is also available via a web browser.

Wanderlog is a good tool for the modern traveler, from determining the best routes to managing hotels. The collaborative document tool lets you easily track plans and exchange travel experiences with friends and fellow travelers. Recent upgrades ensure that Wanderlog stays safe and that significant bug fixes are implemented regularly.

In conclusion, when planning an Australian road trip, there are many options to enhance your travel experience. Each app, whether it’s Roadie for simplicity and offline functionality, WikiCamps AU for its extensive database and offline maps, Stippl for its easy drag-and-drop planning and social features, Roadtrippers for redefining navigation with offline maps, or Wanderlog for its collaborative and user-friendly approach, caters to different preferences and needs. These apps offer various tools, from personalized itineraries and accommodation recommendations to real-time navigation and collaborative planning. Your journey across Australia will be unforgettable with these road trip planner apps.

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